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♫ Whayy people out there ♫
School stuff just kills me, that's why just a little post of current favourite things♥

Diane Kruger | 01 - 08
Kirsten Dunst | 09 - 15
Marion Cotillard | 16 - 28
Jeux D'Enfants | 29 - 37
10 Things I Hate About You | 38 - 48
Now And Then | 49 - 60
Fashion | 61 - 75


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Movie Requests Part 2.

Hey guys!
Second Part very belated. I'm sooooooo sorry!
I didn't know having so much stuff to do in my holidays, but more about this next entry ☺☺☺

Sweeney Todd │ mrslovett_x
Jane Eyre │ bassion_heart
Just Friends │ pirategurl32133
A Smile Like Yours │ colonoscarpeay
Top Gun │ vickievrt
My Girl │ pure_189
Australia │ rainy_days
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang │ twobit
The Astronaut Farmer │ star_climber
Officer And A Gentleman │ phicktionaldiva
Home Alone │ heavenisnearyou
Mash │ cannibal_glow3
Finding Nemo │ bug_says_meep
Blades Of Glory │ stardust122181
Zack And Miri Make A Porno │ xxadnamaxx
Grease │ hevadiva98
The Matrix │ dani101


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[celeb] If I can't have you

48 icons, 3 wallpapers

48 Icons
500 Days of Summer, Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, Kris Allen, Adam Lambert, Allison Iraheta
03 Wallpapers
Kradam, Allison Iraheta, 500 Days of Summer

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[celeb] If I can't have you

community promotion.

01 >>> I'm working on new icons and stuff. Yay me. Feel free to spam me with Demi Lovato, Jonas Brothers, Kris Allen, Adam Lambert, Allison Iraheta pictures or well.. any of the season 8 Idols, really... I will try to include those in my next batch.

02 >>> Some community promotion. Most of you probably already know about those awesome interactive challenge communities like whedonland and spnland.
I joined twelvecolonies a while ago and so far it's really a lot of fun so I joined two more comms today and we could really use a couple more members over there!

Apply, join, have fun! =P

twelvecolonies - BSG battle community. Team Galactica FTW!
fullerverse - Pushing Daisies, Dead Like Me, Wonderfalls, Team Reapers and Team Wonderfalls really really need more members, if you're fans of either one JOIN!
wholand - Dr Who, Torchwood...
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Movie Requests Part 1

Hey guys!
I've got requests, therefore I had to spilt the batch in two parts. I'm so sorry that I have gone only one part. Upto the 28th July I'm at the Baltic Sea. But I hope in two weeks there will be second part posted.

Amelie | fade_out
Artificial Intelligence | xenitchwitch
The Other Boleyn Girl | saving_catwalk
The Dreamers | freaky_nea
Star Trek | sarah_1228
A Very Long Engagement | kiho_chan
Stardust | dudette_in_town
The Devil Wears Prada | cherry_kiss_red
My Own Private Idaho | basta_tragedy
Lucky Number Slevin | eletrical_s
Step Up | grenada
Big Fish | surfing_thesun
Finding Neverland | mali_marie
Across The Universe | kwickie
The Talented Mr. Ripley | severus_falter
The Professional | maryyoon
Stay | mulhollands
Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist | la_belle_ange
The Fall | sparklingsafine
Magnolia | drijfwa


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